During the cold winter months, most of us hibernate in our homes with the warmth from the fire, or more likely these days it will be the reverse cycle air conditioning that keeps our homes warm.

A winters day can be a great time to be outdoors and in the garden, understandably it can be difficult to leave the warmth of inside and venture into the garden.  With the chill in the air and the plants looking a little bare.

The colder months can be a great time to catch up on odd jobs around the yard, without getting as hot as you would during the heat of summer.  Spending time outdoors and in the garden has been proven to be good for mental well being, helping to lift our spirits.

Job ideas during winter include:

  • Fixing or replacing those loose pavers, so in the summer months you have a nice even path to walk along. Maybe it might be the right time to pave an entertaining area or a new path.
  • Cleaning up the yard, pruning any dead growth and collecting sticks for use in the fire pitt are perfect small jobs, and who doesn’t love a chilly winter evening toasting marshmallows over the fire, or sharing a glass of red with friends.
  • Prepare soils for spring planting, by adding organic matter or some blood and bone to soils now over the next 6 weeks the soils will absorb the nutrients and be ready for new planting in Spring.
  • Start thinking about spring planting, maybe a few new plants or maybe a veggie garden. Winter is a great time to plan for new planting, trim back plants to create new areas or dig a veggie garden and think about all that you can grow come spring.
  • Use potted colour to brighten the winter mood.

If you would like any garden advice our team is always happy to help, our maintenance team can assist you in getting the garden ready for the warmer months.  Have fun in the garden.